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Finding the right size and fit has always been the biggest problem shoppers face online. We knew there had to be a better way. Virtusize helps your shoppers find their perfect fit, every time.


of online shoppers say they have trouble finding the right size and fit.

With Virtusize we remove that and let your shoppers find their perfect fit, every time. It's fashion shopping the way it should be - effortless, safe and fun.

How it works.

We make it incredibly easy for your shoppers to find their ideal size and buy with confidence.

Compare item sizes

Our online dressing room lets shoppers compare the size of a product with an item they already own and trust will fit.

Try items on

Shoppers can create their own body silhouette and try items on to see how it fits different parts of the body.

Create a wardrobe

Shoppers can manage all items they own in their online closet and edit their body silhouette.

Get results.

Shopping should be smooth and straightforward. Virtusize lets shoppers buy with confidence from your online store. The rewards are higher sales, lower returns, and repeat business.


By removing the element of doubt, Virtusize is able to boost average conversion-to-purchase rates above 10%.


Virtusize gives shoppers the confidence to buy higher quantities and more expensive items, where the risk of making a mistake is felt more strongly.


Over 50% of returns are related to size and fit. Virtusize is able to help reduce these returns by more than half.


Virtusize helps retailers build trust with shoppers, increasing the ratio of repeat purchases, and driving ever stronger confidence in the size and fit of their favorite brands.


Over 30 million shoppers have already discovered Virtusize, and they increasingly seek out retailers that offer our service.

Assist customers
as they shop.

The world moves fast, and online shoppers expect a flawless experience. Our features sit right on your product pages to offer your shoppers our full service with minimum effort.


makes instant size recommendations for each item based on purchase history, body metrics, or your brand's own sizing guidelines.


provides shoppers with detailed guidance on finding the perfect size and fit, just like they would expect to receive in-store.


Adding Virtusize to your platform is a snap. We walk you through the initial setup — two simple tags and you're good to go — and our system then lets us process size data straight from your site or database. Once launched, Virtusize requires no maintenance on your end.

Developers guide

Access our simple step-by-step integration guide along with overviews of our Smart Data Feed system and measurement methodology.

Our integration is simple and effective.


World-class data infrastructure

Virtusize has created a leading fashion-focused infrastructure that allows easy importing of your data.

Single integration platform

Once you added our tags onto your site, our entire suite of products will be accessible with no additional work on your end.

Intelligent AI

Our size recommendations are powered by proprietary fit-specific image recognition tags.

Your Team

Minimal development work

Work with our client-side development team to integrate through your tag manager.

Access to cutting edge UX features

Work with our design team to tailor the design of your PDP assets to fit your needs.

World-class data infrastructure

Work with our data team to ensure that our recommendations are aligned with your brand’s sizing guidelines.

Grow your business
with us.

Virtusize is a fashion tech company founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Our award-winning size and fit service is already used by over 100 leading global fashion retailers.



We've spent the past 7 years helping fashion retailers take size and fit metrics to a whole new level. Over 150 million orders later, we remain committed to our founding goal: to connect shoppers with fashion they will truly love.



Over 30 million shoppers have used our world-leading size and fit service – currently more than 3 million shoppers per month. There's huge untapped value in helping customers find the perfect fit.



Our service is currently available for over 10 million fashion items worldwide. From mall sites to brands, over 100 leading companies trust Virtusize to optimize their customer experience.

Inside Fashion.

We invite our partners and talk about their online fashion platforms.

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