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Our unique size and fit service sits right on your product pages and takes the guesswork out of e-commerce.

We help your shoppers find their perfect fit, every time.
It's fashion shopping the way it should be.
Effortless, safe and fun.

Compare item sizes

Our online dressing room lets shoppers compare the size of a product with an item they already own and trust will fit.

Try items on

Shoppers can create a digital silhouette and try items on to see how they actually fit. It's the fun of fashion shopping, minus the guesswork.

Create a wardrobe

Shoppers can manage all their past purchases in one place and take it with them wherever they shop online.


What if your shoppers could find perfectly fitting items with every search? We bring you…a brand new way to shop.

Introducing the fitting room of the future

Our unique size and fit service sits right on your product pages and takes the guesswork out of e-commerce.

Powered by discovery

With just one click, shoppers can access a beautifully curated selection of similar items in the design and style the shopper is looking for — directly from your product page.

Tailored to their journey

95% of online fashion shoppers state they regularly have trouble finding the right size and fit. FittingRoom lets them explore items that fit them just right, comparing a product's size with their past purchases or trying it on their own body.

More than just similar items

Your shoppers are looking for that perfect deal? With one click, FittingRoom opens up a whole new world of personalized designs and perfectly fitting products…that are on sale.

Find the perfect fit

Fittingroom helps your shoppers  find perfectly fitting items every time they shop online, simply by comparing with a past purchase or creating their own body profile.

Try before you buy

It only takes one click to see how it fits. Your shoppers can now proceed to check out.

Try before you buy

It only takes one click to see how it fits. Your shoppers can now proceed to check out.

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Virtuzise helps millions of customers shop with confidence from their favorite online stores and brands.

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Virtusize is a fashion tech company founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Our award-winning size and fit service is already used by over 100 leading global fashion retailers.



We've spent the past 7 years helping fashion retailers take size and fit metrics to a whole new level. Over 150 million orders later, we remain committed to our founding goal: to connect shoppers with fashion they will truly love.



Over 30 million shoppers have used our world-leading size and fit service – currently more than 3 million shoppers per month. There's huge untapped value in helping customers find the perfect fit.



Our service is currently available for over 10 million fashion items worldwide. From mall sites to brands, over 100 leading companies trust Virtusize to optimize their customer experience.

Inside Fashion.

Find out what our partners have to say about how Virtusize has refashioned their online  platforms.


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【ファッション通販サイト|SHEL'TTER WEBSTORE調査】バーチャル試着Virtusize利用者のうち、90%以上が「今後も継続的に利用するつもり」と回答



オリジナル商品を中心としたアイテムの定期便を展開する【フェリシモ】へ提供開始 ~返品率の改善等に期待~

CEOアンドレアスより 年始のご挨拶


[SHEL'TTER WEBSTORE Survey] More than 90% of virtual try-on Virtusize users say they intend to continue using the site in the future.

[Media Coverage] An interview with our CEO: Andreas was published in the Senken Shinbun!

New Partner - Felissimo

The E-Commerce Fit Dilemma: The Returns Problem in Online Fashion and how to Solve it

Media Coverage: Article about Virtusize's patent acquisition was published in Japan Net Keizai Shinbun!

Virtusize Secures Patent Approval for Groundbreaking Footwear Sizing Technology

글로벌 온라인 피팅 솔루션 버츄사이즈, 영국 프리미엄 컨템포러리 브랜드 올세인츠(Allsaints)에 서비스 제공 시작

버츄사이즈, 아웃도어 브랜드 네파(NEPA)에 서비스 제공

입어볼 수 없다면, 가지고 있는 옷과 비교해보세요. 사이즈 솔루션 ‘버츄사이즈’

버츄사이즈, 온라인 쇼핑 솔루션 새 버전 출시

코로나(COVID-19) 바이러스가 일본 패션시장에 미친 영향

비대면 패션/유통 부상한다

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